Somewhere something incredible is
waiting to be known - Sagan
Advance confidently in the direction
of your dreams - Thoreau
Be undeniably good. No marketing
effort or social media buzzword can
be a substitute for that. - Volodkin
If opportunity doesn't knock, build a
door - Berle
Your work is going to fill a large part
of your life, and the only way to be
truly satisfied is to do what you
believe is great work - Jobs
It’s not about ideas. It’s about making
ideas happen. - Belsky
If you’re interested in the living heart
of what you do, focus on building
things rather than talking about them
- Freitas
Turn a perceived risk into an asset
- Patzer
Anything that is measured and
watched, improves - Parsons
The secret to successful hiring is this:
look for the people who want to
change the world - Benioff

xanthus healthcare revolution

This is a pivotal moment for healthcare. Equipment, facilities, information technology, healthcare legislation, economic models and even the way patients’ select their providers are rapidly changing the face of medicine. As healthcare evolves, and competition builds, patients increasingly find individual doctors indistinguishable and view large groups as faceless monoliths. This perception is often far from reality, so we seek out those who provide clinical excellence and illuminate them. This allows patients to make better decisions about whom they should trust to provide care.

Website Development

We use data collected from years of online marketing to create streamlined websites that drive targeted online traffic to your practice. Our websites increase user engagement, through content & design, and convert visitors into leads.

According to the Pew Research Center 80% of Internet users have gone online to find information about medical conditions, treatments, procedures and healthcare providers.

Our computers, tablets and cell phones are often our first stop when we need information. People use the web to find healthcare information the same way they look for movie reviews, restaurant ideas, driving directions or anything else.

We Connect Patients With Needs To Physicians With Solutions

We know marketing, online and offline. We understand the timeless art of communicating to target populations while also keeping abreast of ongoing changes in technology company search algorithms.

If you are a patient-centric medical provider, we’d love to know you:

Xanthus Services

Dr. Jon Carlson
President of Medical Services

Dr. Jason Pope
Chief Medical Officer

Nick Ryan
Chief Operating Officer
Mobile +1 480-707-9345

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